Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A kind of family? A new direction?

I took these during a walk the other day. I've been eyeing them for a while, thinking there's a nice image there. One of the 'rules' of photography is to put 3 of a thing in the photo. I'm not sure if any of these qualify on that front. Perhaps one day I'll bring snowshoes and carefully explore up the slope to see if there are better angles.

I've been thinking about the blogging thing and will be making some changes. This blog is going to feature photos from walks or trips where I've deliberately gone out to get photos, and have put some time into composing the image. 

I don't want to say the photos on this blog will be "better". Rather, they are works in progress towards becoming a better photographer. Some might actually be poor images, but are illustrative of a point I want to make, or a lesson I learned. Maybe a before and after, exploring Photoshop and the tablet.

There's likely to be some overlap between this and my other blog, but I'm still working that out. This blog is likely to only appeal to other photographers, and I'm welcoming comments about what worked or didn't work for them, and why. Sean and I have spent some time exploring photos that we didn't care for, and yet someone has decided they are good enough to be hanging on the wall of an exhibition. My thought is that I can learn from that, perhaps coming to a better understanding of why I like certain photos, and how to create better photos.

Both blogs are likely to be a bit erratic over the coming months, what with changing COVID restrictions and my own busy life. I hope it's worth hanging around.

Of the Day
This feature is continuing from my other blog. During the summer I'll have lots of flower photos showing up here. There may be other subjects showing up from time to time. In the past, that's included Curtis and Michelle.

This is a huge chunk of driftwood on a huge rock. The piece is easily taller than I am as I stood beside it. I went around and around, looking for good shots, on two separate occasions. Brighton beach is awesome!

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  1. Hello, First off I'm sure you knew I would like these.
    1) The "rule" of odds like all photographic rules can be a crutch. If you begin with an idea / concept / emotion and a rule helps you achieve your vision, great. Otherwise, scrap the rule and decide on the elements that will help you in your realization.
    2) I find this exploration an image or 2 shy of your destination. It looks like you are trying to figure out what is important to you. In the 3rd image I think you have decided, but the framing isn't quite resolved. Greetings from the grey, green, damp of a British winter. The days are noticably longer now. The first of the aconites have been seen and the snowdrops will be out soon. ah - colour. Cheers, Sean
    PS I like your revised approach. What can I say I'm biased as I am a big fan of walking explorations.


Looking forward to reading your comments.

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