Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lots of updates

I've added a bunch of photos to various pages, and removed a few that I think are no longer part of my best work. You can scroll through the galleries and look for the changes, or go to the Welcome post pinned at the bottom of the page to see what's changed.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Chaparral 2017

Today was a fun day at Lake Chaparral, photographing the Kids of Steel, and the participants of the 1.5 K and 3 K swim races. Unfortunately the Standup Paddleboard was cancelled.

You can click on the gallery tab above, or this link.

Sunday afternoon the adult triathlon photos will be posted, and I'll put a link on that same page. They have now been updated.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The promised macro gallery

The promised macro gallery has arrived!

Most of these are taken with a 100 mm f2.8L macro lens, and most of the more recent ones have one or more extension tubes between the lens and the camera. No, I didn't keep track of which image has which exact combination of lens and tubes. I'd rather be taking pictures.

The macro world has been eye opening in more than one sense. I had no idea how hair plants were! And ant butts, let's not forget those. The exquisite detail that can been seen through the camera make me appreciate more the detail my eyes can see.

Most of my macro shots are probably around the 1:1 ratio, the actual object size is rendered the same size on the sensor. As you try to get the ratio bigger, i.e., the object bigger on the sensor than it actually is, the photography gets harder really quickly. Worse than the effort level pedalling a bike in the wind. Sort of a square cube idea. Double the speed, cube the effort. That ends quick for most mortals.

For photography, the bigger you want the image, the more light you have to get on the image, which brings it's own difficulties. Plus you are really close to the object, and if it's something alive, it's probably going to object.

What I like is that flowers don't object, and if you're quick the bees and ants don't notice.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new gallery!

During my recent gig at Keyera, my two cube farm roomies, and my boss, and one of my other co-workers were interested in photography. There were a number of occasions I wanted to find a particular photo, and found it difficult. Now I've got 8 months where I've selected an image of the month, and going back to an earlier one is a bit of searching and scrolling. Then I had the happy thought of creating a new gallery for them.

What you don't get here is the runners up, and the anguish and decision making process that went into each section. For that, click on the link in each title. There are at least several of the runners up that I think are better than at least one of the monthly images. You can decide for yourself if that's true, and I'd be happy to read your comments about it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A new Gallery for People

Added a new gallery with 10 photos of people that I've captured along the way. As I explain in more detail, I don't really think of myself as portrait photographer. But every now and then dramatic happens and I capture it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sold! Plus new Abstracts

First it started with my Mom wanting a photo I had done. Then some friends wanted photos I had taken of them. That was a learning experience, that what I thought was a good shot didn't mean they liked it. One was a shot I thought unflattering, and that was her favourite.

Then a couple people wanted a high resolution version of one photo for a computer desktop. I shared a draft version of a photo with a trusted friend to ask if I'd pushed things too much. The response was "don't touch anything I want to buy a print of it." That was my first actual sale.

Another buddy had expressed interest in seeing a canvas I had printed for myself. Once seen, they had to have a copy. Had to. I suggested they put a float frame on it to make it look even better. The look on his face when he saw it for the first time hanging on the wall was so fulfilling. "Oh yes," was all he said. I deposited the cheque this afternoon. So sweet! He got a slightly tweaked version of the Red Combine Landscape, as I call it. I suspect this is my best photo so far.

So while I'm not trying, or intending to make a ton of money with my photos, these are the best of the bunch, and will be slowly updated. So if you see something you like, the time to talk to me about it is now, before they gradually get buried under other, more recent photos added as my skills improve.

In other news, I added 5 abstracts. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Landscape update

I've rescued some landscape photos from poor keywording and star ratings. My bad. If you're a new photographer, take some time to think about this before you've accumulated a lot of images. You think you'll remember, but you won't. A word to the wise.

Landscapes are fun. The foothills near Calgary are filled with rolling hills, mountain backdrops, stunning cloudscapes, and if you get there at the right time the light is unbelievable. I've already spent a bunch of delightful afternoons scouting and thinking about what would make a good place. The next trick is to be there at the right time. Sunrise is often good. Sunsets are a little trickier.

I've done two skyline shoots with different buddies, and that was fun. So far nobody has come along on a landscape shoot, but hope that changes this summer.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Skyline update

Found them! I'm browsing through another 18 skyline photos, thinking about which are best to add to my Skyline gallery. That's what you get for not being consistent with meta-data.

For a while I had a bit of a fetish about shooting the skyline, and I'm still thinking about interesting ways of doing it. It's a great way to learn your camera and start getting a grip on the craft of photography.

Firstly, it's easy to tell if you've got focus and depth of field right. Those windows and lights are clear or they aren't, making allowances for distance, air quality, and lighting.

Second, the camera is on a tripod, or should be, and you've got the time to experiment with different settings.

Third, patience. It takes as long as long as it's going to take for the sun or moon to come up, or set. The clouds slowly shift with the wind, changing the light. The right moment, that exact right moment for your dream shot might only last a few seconds. You want to be ready, even though it might take hours to get there.

The ones I've added include some of my first good shots. I've made some notes in the gallery itself about them.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be updated periodically, with a last updated date so you can see what's new.

People, last updated 20190609
I don't think of myself as a people photographer particularly, but after several race shoots I'm coming to see the complexity and beauty in the faces of ordinary people.

Look Up, last updated 20190609
Sun rise, sun set, moon, stars, cloudscapes, weather. Maybe an aurora shot if I get lucky one day. 2019 includes New Zealand night skies.

Landscapes, last updated 20190609
Includes some New Zealand as well.

Cityscapes, last updated 20190609
Calgary is a beautiful city for photography. Includes some New Zealand cityscapes as well.

Cats, last updated 20190609
Our two cats are popular subjects, but upon request I'll do a portrait of your cats.

Flowers, last updated 20190609
Mostly from our garden. Beyond roses, dahlias, begonias, and lilies, don't ask me what they are. One is straight from the camera with only cropping applied. Look in the Macro gallery for more flower shots.

Image of the Monthlast updated 20190601
At the end of the month I look over my photos and pick the one I think is best, for whatever reasons that seem good to me at the time. I blog about it and almost always include the runners up and why they were chosen. At the end of the year I'll do a Photograph of the year, and invite reader participation.


Not updated recently

Abstracts, last updated 2018
These start as actual photographs that are manipulated with various image software tools.

Macro, last updated 2018
These started with extension tubes on a 100 mm macro lens, but I've recently got a specialized 60 mm macro 1-5x magnification lens, and all future additions will be with this lens.

Skyline, last updated 2018
The Calgary skyline is always changing. New buildings illuminated by dramatic sun rise and sun sets, different every day. Added 6 photos from earlier sessions where I hadn't been consistent with star ratings or keywords. Added some comments about a few of the photos.

In many photographer galleries you can click a few buttons to buy a framed print sent directly from the print shop. While I would be delighted to sell you a print, doing so automatically isn't a thing on Blogger. Please contact me keith at nucleus dot com and we will discuss what you'd like.

All images and text throughout are copyright Keith Cartmell 2016 to current and may not be used in any way without prior permission.

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Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be upda...