Mostly I'm interested in photographing things, like flowers, or skylines, or landscapes, but along the way I've taken a few of people. These people like their shots, which was a bit of a surprise to me. I don't think of myself as a people photographer. About the only time I'll do it is at an event, where people are relaxed and doing their thing. That makes for a much better photo than the "turn towards me a bit, chin down a little more, open your eyes wider, smile, no wait your hair isn't right..." thing.

One day I was out in a park doing some landscapes. On the way back in a young woman with nice Canon equipment was trying to take some portraits of an uncooperative toddler. Nobody involved appeared to be having much fun. To me it seemed like a tough way to make money, or do a favour for a buddy. At least with a sunrise you can be in the right place at the right time, you just need patience to see if the light will be what you hope for. Maybe, maybe not, but with a toddler and dogs the answer around me is mostly not.

Here's some of the best people shots I've done, with one exception. Plus a bit about the circumstances.

Linda, in the first nice portrait of 2018. I really dithered about how much to crop this, and worried about the light. It seemed cluttered at first, but there's a certain serenity to it.

From here down is photos from 2017.
Linda. We were out for a walk saying goodbye to the 37th St bike path and the beautiful views. There's a freeway going in there. I have no idea who Bob is, or was. I hope they moved the bench before construction equipment moved it for them. (As of early 2018 the bench is still there, overlooking an enormous road construction site.)

Me. I was told I had to include at least one of me, that is not the selfie I took for the about me section of this blog. This was taken by Michelle during one of my winter photo walks in Fish Creek. I was on snowshoes, she was on skis. There is a cousin of mine, who shall remain nameless, who thinks this is a woman's hat. Au contraire! It has a stylish bow, and I've had many compliments on it. The brim is perfect for photography in cool weather.

 Much as I love taking photos, the camera doesn't love me as a subject. This is one of the few good ones. I credit the camera operator, not the subject. No, I hadn't forgotten to trim the famous 'stache. Yes, it's what you think it is.

Michelle on the same photo walk. The camera loves her. The difficulty was choosing just one good photo.

Richelle. The camera loves her too. This was at a local triathlon, she was doing the swim for a relay team. It was a tough choice between this one and the wetsuit shot. Not many people can rock the wetsuit look.

Rose. Different triathlon, volunteering.

Amy. She was doing the bike on the same team as Richelle. I'd shown her the camera, and called out "be dramatic!" Then this happened. There's another one from about then she likes better, but it's a bit of an in joke.

Neil. We were in Waterton on one of his photo courses.

Nancy. Same course, same trip. There was a reason for the big furry hats.

Sean. We had done a winter hike up Johnston Canyon to the Ink Pots. I'm not sure what he was startled by. Or maybe he was just pushing up his glasses.

Andrea and Patricia. I had come to paparazzi Patrica during a half marathon. The pink made it easy to find her on the course, which is sometimes a harder thing than you'd think. I pissed off one guy that was all showboating for the camera, thinking I was the race photographer.

I don't know her name, but this is the best shot from the 2017 Wild Rose triathlon.

This woman was strolling into the 2017 Wild Rose triathlon. The light is really harsh, but she was just glowing.

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