Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be updated periodically, with a last updated date so you can see what's new.

People, last updated 20190609
I don't think of myself as a people photographer particularly, but after several race shoots I'm coming to see the complexity and beauty in the faces of ordinary people.

Look Up, last updated 20190609
Sun rise, sun set, moon, stars, cloudscapes, weather. Maybe an aurora shot if I get lucky one day. 2019 includes New Zealand night skies.

Landscapes, last updated 20190609
Includes some New Zealand as well.

Cityscapes, last updated 20190609
Calgary is a beautiful city for photography. Includes some New Zealand cityscapes as well.

Cats, last updated 20190609
Our two cats are popular subjects, but upon request I'll do a portrait of your cats.

Flowers, last updated 20190609
Mostly from our garden. Beyond roses, dahlias, begonias, and lilies, don't ask me what they are. One is straight from the camera with only cropping applied. Look in the Macro gallery for more flower shots.

Image of the Monthlast updated 20190601
At the end of the month I look over my photos and pick the one I think is best, for whatever reasons that seem good to me at the time. I blog about it and almost always include the runners up and why they were chosen. At the end of the year I'll do a Photograph of the year, and invite reader participation.


Not updated recently

Abstracts, last updated 2018
These start as actual photographs that are manipulated with various image software tools.

Macro, last updated 2018
These started with extension tubes on a 100 mm macro lens, but I've recently got a specialized 60 mm macro 1-5x magnification lens, and all future additions will be with this lens.

Skyline, last updated 2018
The Calgary skyline is always changing. New buildings illuminated by dramatic sun rise and sun sets, different every day. Added 6 photos from earlier sessions where I hadn't been consistent with star ratings or keywords. Added some comments about a few of the photos.

In many photographer galleries you can click a few buttons to buy a framed print sent directly from the print shop. While I would be delighted to sell you a print, doing so automatically isn't a thing on Blogger. Please contact me keith at nucleus dot com and we will discuss what you'd like.

All images and text throughout are copyright Keith Cartmell 2016 to current and may not be used in any way without prior permission.

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  1. This is great, Keith. Really enjoyed checking out the images you've posted. Your photography's coming along great. I'll sign up for updates !


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Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be upda...