From 2021
During a Neil Zeller road trip based in Lethbridge. 
A prairie scene near Vulcan.

Chief Mountain.

Found on a back road on the way home.

Moonrise over Cottonwood Park.

Dry Island Buffalo Jump during a scenic road trip during a cold windy February afternoon.

From 2020
Two shots in Fish Creek. 

From 2019
These three are quite local, only a short walk from my house. Bridge 2 is by far the prettiest bridge in Fish Creek.

There are many from Yukon that could go here, but check out this post
Some New Zealand landscapes to start the year.

Red Rock Coulee near Medicine Hat.

2018 and earlier, including some updates done in 2019


All below are 2017 or earlier. The first three of these are from Tombstone Park in Yukon. I should almost create another tab just for it, there are so many stunning images.

These next three shots were done within a few yards of each other, at very different times of day, on different days at different times of the year. They are some my favourite images of all that have come through my camera. Two have been purchased and printed.

Horse Thief Canyon is a combination of 9 individual photos, 3 HDR images on the left, the middle, and right. All of them merged together, then stitched together in a panorama. This web version is ok, but the hi res version could print out at 3 feet by 13 inches in exquisite detail (300 dpi), and possibly as big as 6 feet by 2 feet in pretty good detail on canvas. I'm not sure I want to think about how big the TIFF file would be. Looking for a wide print, perhaps above a window?

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