Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The promised macro gallery

The promised macro gallery has arrived!

Most of these are taken with a 100 mm f2.8L macro lens, and most of the more recent ones have one or more extension tubes between the lens and the camera. No, I didn't keep track of which image has which exact combination of lens and tubes. I'd rather be taking pictures.

The macro world has been eye opening in more than one sense. I had no idea how hair plants were! And ant butts, let's not forget those. The exquisite detail that can been seen through the camera make me appreciate more the detail my eyes can see.

Most of my macro shots are probably around the 1:1 ratio, the actual object size is rendered the same size on the sensor. As you try to get the ratio bigger, i.e., the object bigger on the sensor than it actually is, the photography gets harder really quickly. Worse than the effort level pedalling a bike in the wind. Sort of a square cube idea. Double the speed, cube the effort. That ends quick for most mortals.

For photography, the bigger you want the image, the more light you have to get on the image, which brings it's own difficulties. Plus you are really close to the object, and if it's something alive, it's probably going to object.

What I like is that flowers don't object, and if you're quick the bees and ants don't notice.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new gallery!

During my recent gig at Keyera, my two cube farm roomies, and my boss, and one of my other co-workers were interested in photography. There were a number of occasions I wanted to find a particular photo, and found it difficult. Now I've got 8 months where I've selected an image of the month, and going back to an earlier one is a bit of searching and scrolling. Then I had the happy thought of creating a new gallery for them.

What you don't get here is the runners up, and the anguish and decision making process that went into each section. For that, click on the link in each title. There are at least several of the runners up that I think are better than at least one of the monthly images. You can decide for yourself if that's true, and I'd be happy to read your comments about it.

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