Both of these were shot at essentially same time, and I can never decide which I like better.

I love a nice panorama of the skyline.

 Before you ask, no, this wasn't manipulated in Photoshop or Photomatix. It is HDR, but beyond that there was only minimal processing in Lightroom. It really looked like this. Such are the rewards of getting up early sometimes.

 The Calgary skyline is visible from surprising places. This is from the A. E. Cross Conservatory.

 I was having fun playing with Lightroom. The base image is only so-so, but I ended up here by accident, being honest, and I quite liked the effect. This sort of gives me the impression of a WWII warship steaming into action.

This one is the same morning as the one 5 photos up. Talk about magical light! I couldn't resist including both of them.

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