Thursday, January 11, 2018

First update of 2018

Doing image of the year on my regular blog made me realize it's been a while since I've updated this one, and there are many new images since the last update. The intent has always been to make it a portfolio of my best work, not a regularly updated showing of current work. Best is sometimes hard to figure out, though.

I've added some images to most of the tabs, and removed one tab entirely. It's simpler to list what hasn't been updated, People, Cats, Flowers, and the events. The rest have new photos added to the top of the page. I've added some notes about the photos in some cases. My regular blog readers are likely, but not guaranteed to have seen these photos already.

There is still some further work to be done in grouping the photos. One dedicated fan suggested I should pick an image of the year for each of the tabs, and have that stay, gradually building up a history of my work from year to year. Hmmmm. If I'm going to start doing that, now is the time.

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