Saturday, July 6, 2019

The recent tours

The major photo rambles lately have been Neil Zeller tours. I don't mean to turn this blog into a commercial for him, but lets just say his offerings are a ton of fun and leave it there.

There was:
Cypress Hills May 23 to 26.
The 'secret' tour July 3.
The Sheep River tour July 5.

Here's some of the photos from each, giving a flavour to whet your appetite for the next one.
Neil awaiting his passengers.

A bridge on the way to Cypress Hills.

Reesor Ranch.

Sunrise above Reesor Lake.

The view from above Reesor Ranch.

Some of the wildflowers there.

A pelican in Reesor Lake.

We weren't sure if this barn was abandoned or not.

Red Rocks Coulee.

Conglomerant cliffs.

Fox Valley.

Near the Sand Hills

Neil found a double rainbow for us, sorry about the water drops on lens.

Sunset over Reesor Ranch.

For the secret tour Neil promised places he'd never taken anyone before, and wow did he deliver! This is inside the Calgary Tower, they call it the bat cave.

The Bow Tower sky garden and view.

Village Brewery, lunch and tour.

CP Rail headquarters.

The next tour was Sheep River. At least it didn't rain, but we couldn't see the mountains.

Cataract Creek campground.

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