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The intent of this page is to share links to various Google Photos folders that contain photos of Woodcreek Community Association events. These are lower resolution photos suitable for social media. They have had minimal processing and probably won't print well. You may share these photos with your family and friends, provided they are not changed in any way. Some of the photos may be used on the cover the Community Association newsletter, or in Facebook or Instagram posts; those will have had additional work.

These photos are intended to support our local community association activities. They are not intended for commercial purposes. I retain all copyrights as the photographer.

If you see one you like, contact me at loungecatproductions@gmail.com. I will go back to the original photo and send you a higher resolution version for a modest fee to cover my time. These will be custom tweaked to get the best from the photo. To do this I need to know which photo(s) you want. Click on it, and look in the upper right corner for a little "i" with a circle around it. Click that and a panel will open on the right. About half way down you will see something like this.

I need the IMG number, in this case 9968. (It's a photo of Cec, in case you were wondering.)


20210825 LINK 24 photos from the fourth and last Food Truck visit. (I was out of town for the third night.) 

20120728 LINK 70 photos from the second Food Truck visit. Another fun night! I was more in the mood for portraits of individuals or small groups than overall crowds, but there's some of everything.

20210724 LINK 30 photos from the senior's book sale. A steady stream of people bought lots of books.

20210713 LINK 105 photos from the first visit Food Truck visit. Lots of people showed up, and all of them seemed to be having fun.

20210710 LINK 219 photos from the Stampede breakfast. We we had a ton of hard working volunteers helping out, and everyone appeared to be having a good time. It was wonderful to get out to see people again, and photograph an actual event. Thank you to Safeway and Shoppers Drug mart for their generous contributions.

20210701 LINK 22 photos of Little Brown Jug Brass band playing a boulevard party on Canada Day.

20210610 LINK 25 photos documenting the tennis court practice board repair by Al and Kevin.

20210522 LINK 27 photos of our gardening club adding flowers to the planters at the office.

20210515 LINK 113 photos from our spring community clean up.

20211006 LINK 24 photos of our ice rink volunteers hard at it, keeping the ice in great shape for the many skaters.

20201107  LINK 76 photos from the 2020 Craft sale. We had to be a bit cautious due to COVID restrictions, but our vendors and volunteers worked really hard to make it work.

20201024 LINK 136 photos from the kid's Halloween party. More than 70 kids showed up on a chilly evening. The volunteers put on a great event.

20200919 LINK 66 photos from the fall community cleanup event. 

20200912  LINK 59 photos. Essentially our first community event of 2020. Our turnout wasn't perhaps as big as some of our other events, but all who attended seemed to have a good time with the games, and listening to a great band the Little Brown Jug Brass.

20200523 LINK 8 photos of our gardening club planting flowers to beautify our community association building.

 20191207 LINK 203 photos from the Kid's Christmas Party. I took almost 850 photos, and it was really hard to choose between them. My neighbours have some cute kids.

20191202 LINK 39 photos from the volunteer appreciation dinner. Our community association puts on many events throughout the year, and they wouldn't be possible without the many hard working volunteers that contribute their time and energy. They help make our community a better place to live. On behalf of the association Board of Directors and Executive, I whole-heartedly thank them, and hope to see you at the next event.

2019-11-17 LINK 184 photos from the spaghetti dinner. Looks like everyone had fun.

201910-02 LINK 71 photos from the Christmas Craft Sale.

2019-10-26 LINK 115 photos from the Children's Halloween party. I tried using a faster lens, and it worked somewhat better than last year, but the photos are still a bit dark. Which I hope is ok for the season.

2019-10-05 LINK 150 photos from the fall Community Clean up.

2019-09-28 LINK Photos from the Woodcreek Lion's Garage Sale. I missed the crush at the beginning. 38 photos of volunteers and those looking for a bargain.

2019-07-13 LINK Photos from pancake breakfast. 224 photos of hard working volunteers, and those enjoying the breakfast. Plus kids having fun.

2019-06-15 LINK 105 photos from the Family Fun day.

2019-05-21 LINK 126 photos from the Senior's Brunch.

2019-05-13 LINK 34 photos so far from the first Get Going day. I'll add more photos as I have the opportunity.

2019-05-11 LINK 76 photos from the spring Community Clean up day.

2019-04-27 LINK 196 photos from the spaghetti dinner.

2019-04-13 LINK 95 photos from the Easter egg hunt.

2018-12-08 LINK 120 photos from the WCA children's Christmas Party. This was fun, Santa showed up, so there are many photos of him and various kids of all ages. These are the best of the photos, I think. There are some children with Santa where there are additional photos. If you like what you see so far, and want to see the others, I can set them up in a separate Google Photos folder. Please email me and we'll discuss it.

2018-11-18 LINK 114 photos from the Spaghetti Dinner.

2018-11-17 LINK 49 photos from the St Jude craft sale. The light in the gym showed up really green in the photos. Even after I removed it, the colours still look just a little odd.

2018-11-10 LINK 53 photos from the WCA craft sale.

2018-10-20 LINK 105 photos from the Children's Halloween party. Note, these photos are a bit grainy because the room was dark and I was shooting without a flash. These ones are tweaked about as much as they can be.

2018-09-29 LINK 64 photos from the Woodcreek Lions Garage Sale.

2018-09-15 LINK 304 photos from the September Community Clean up day.

2018-09-13 LINK Southwest Hockey Trees of Love. 11 photos.

2018-07-07 LINK Pancake Breakfast. There are 492 photos, including our ward Councillor, Diane Colley-Urquhart. If you were at the breakfast, you are probably in one of the photographs.

2017-06-23 LINK Family Fun Day. 54 photos. Including a visit by a fire truck.

2018 May June LINK After School Get Going. 21 photos, kids having fun, skateboarding, basketball, pickle ball. (Note, the parents of these children signed a waiver permitting photography.)

2018-05-12  LINK  Community Clean up. 39 photos

2018-04-15 LINK Community Spaghetti Dinner. 144 photos. I tried not to take any of people dribbling sauce down their shirt.

2018-04-08 LINK 36 photos. Woodcreek afternoon concert with Bebo Grove, and 2 Late for the Party. (Note, these bands have been given photos of them suitable for publicity purposes.)

Please let me know if any of the links are not working. Its my intent to keep them active, but Google may change things.

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