Sunday, April 30, 2017

Landscape update

I've rescued some landscape photos from poor keywording and star ratings. My bad. If you're a new photographer, take some time to think about this before you've accumulated a lot of images. You think you'll remember, but you won't. A word to the wise.

Landscapes are fun. The foothills near Calgary are filled with rolling hills, mountain backdrops, stunning cloudscapes, and if you get there at the right time the light is unbelievable. I've already spent a bunch of delightful afternoons scouting and thinking about what would make a good place. The next trick is to be there at the right time. Sunrise is often good. Sunsets are a little trickier.

I've done two skyline shoots with different buddies, and that was fun. So far nobody has come along on a landscape shoot, but hope that changes this summer.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Skyline update

Found them! I'm browsing through another 18 skyline photos, thinking about which are best to add to my Skyline gallery. That's what you get for not being consistent with meta-data.

For a while I had a bit of a fetish about shooting the skyline, and I'm still thinking about interesting ways of doing it. It's a great way to learn your camera and start getting a grip on the craft of photography.

Firstly, it's easy to tell if you've got focus and depth of field right. Those windows and lights are clear or they aren't, making allowances for distance, air quality, and lighting.

Second, the camera is on a tripod, or should be, and you've got the time to experiment with different settings.

Third, patience. It takes as long as long as it's going to take for the sun or moon to come up, or set. The clouds slowly shift with the wind, changing the light. The right moment, that exact right moment for your dream shot might only last a few seconds. You want to be ready, even though it might take hours to get there.

The ones I've added include some of my first good shots. I've made some notes in the gallery itself about them.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be updated periodically, with a last updated date so you can see what's new.

Abstracts, currently 12 images, last updated 20170523
These start as actual photographs that are manipulated with various image software tools.

Cats, currently 12 images, last updated 20170417
Our two cats are popular subjects, but upon request I'll do a portrait of your cats.

Cityscapes, currently 8 images, last updated 20170417
Calgary is a beautiful city for photography.

Flowers, currently 11 images, last updated 20170417
Mostly from our garden. Beyond roses, dahlias, and lilies, don't ask me what they are. One is straight from the camera with only cropping applied.

Landscapes, currently 13 images, last updated 20170430
The rolling Foothills and Rocky Mountains make a dramatic backdrop. Fish Creek Park is beautiful. More coming soon.

Look Up, currently 11 images, last updated 20170417
Sun rise, sun set, moon, stars, cloudscapes, weather. Maybe an aurora shot if I get lucky one day.

Skyline, currently 13 images, last updated 20170420
The Calgary skyline is always changing. New buildings illuminated by dramatic sun rise and sun sets, different every day. Added 6 photos from earlier sessions where I hadn't been consistent with star ratings or keywords. Added some comments about a few of the photos.

Still Life, currently 7 images, last updated 20170417
A gallery of images that don't fit anywhere else particularly.

In many photographer galleries you can click a few buttons to buy a framed print sent directly from the print shop. While I would be delighted to sell you a print, doing so automatically isn't a thing on Blogger. Please contact me keith at nucleus dot com and we will discuss what you'd like.

This blog has finished initial construction as of 20170417, but there's still some fine tuning and some images to find. Check back soon. You can sign up for email notifications of when I update.

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Hello and thank you for visiting my photo galleries. You can use the tabs above or the links below as you choose. The galleries will be upda...