Sunday, April 30, 2017

Landscape update

I've rescued some landscape photos from poor keywording and star ratings. My bad. If you're a new photographer, take some time to think about this before you've accumulated a lot of images. You think you'll remember, but you won't. A word to the wise.

Landscapes are fun. The foothills near Calgary are filled with rolling hills, mountain backdrops, stunning cloudscapes, and if you get there at the right time the light is unbelievable. I've already spent a bunch of delightful afternoons scouting and thinking about what would make a good place. The next trick is to be there at the right time. Sunrise is often good. Sunsets are a little trickier.

I've done two skyline shoots with different buddies, and that was fun. So far nobody has come along on a landscape shoot, but hope that changes this summer.

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