Friday, April 21, 2017

Skyline update

Found them! I'm browsing through another 18 skyline photos, thinking about which are best to add to my Skyline gallery. That's what you get for not being consistent with meta-data.

For a while I had a bit of a fetish about shooting the skyline, and I'm still thinking about interesting ways of doing it. It's a great way to learn your camera and start getting a grip on the craft of photography.

Firstly, it's easy to tell if you've got focus and depth of field right. Those windows and lights are clear or they aren't, making allowances for distance, air quality, and lighting.

Second, the camera is on a tripod, or should be, and you've got the time to experiment with different settings.

Third, patience. It takes as long as long as it's going to take for the sun or moon to come up, or set. The clouds slowly shift with the wind, changing the light. The right moment, that exact right moment for your dream shot might only last a few seconds. You want to be ready, even though it might take hours to get there.

The ones I've added include some of my first good shots. I've made some notes in the gallery itself about them.

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