Sunday, May 28, 2017

A new Gallery for People

Added a new gallery with 10 photos of people that I've captured along the way. As I explain in more detail, I don't really think of myself as portrait photographer. But every now and then dramatic happens and I capture it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sold! Plus new Abstracts

First it started with my Mom wanting a photo I had done. Then some friends wanted photos I had taken of them. That was a learning experience, that what I thought was a good shot didn't mean they liked it. One was a shot I thought unflattering, and that was her favourite.

Then a couple people wanted a high resolution version of one photo for a computer desktop. I shared a draft version of a photo with a trusted friend to ask if I'd pushed things too much. The response was "don't touch anything I want to buy a print of it." That was my first actual sale.

Another buddy had expressed interest in seeing a canvas I had printed for myself. Once seen, they had to have a copy. Had to. I suggested they put a float frame on it to make it look even better. The look on his face when he saw it for the first time hanging on the wall was so fulfilling. "Oh yes," was all he said. I deposited the cheque this afternoon. So sweet! He got a slightly tweaked version of the Red Combine Landscape, as I call it. I suspect this is my best photo so far.

So while I'm not trying, or intending to make a ton of money with my photos, these are the best of the bunch, and will be slowly updated. So if you see something you like, the time to talk to me about it is now, before they gradually get buried under other, more recent photos added as my skills improve.

In other news, I added 5 abstracts. Enjoy.

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