Look Up

From 2022
July 28 over Forget-Me-Not pond.

From 2021
Moonrise over Cottonwood Park.

During a Neil Zeller road trip to McLean Dam provincial park, on the one night the clouds mostly cooperated to show us a couple Perseid meteors.

From 2020
The galactic core and southern aurora, shot from Colac Bay, New Zealand, with the lights of Invercargill off to the left.

From 2019
Eagle plains is a truck stop about 40 Km short of the arctic circle. Kelly and I were hiding behind a truck to block the lights, but it wasn't really necessary, the northern lights were that bright. A 14mm lens wasn't wide enough to capture it all. 

Sundog Retreat, near Yellowknife. I give you the astronomical phenomena called Steve.

'Ordinary' northern lights. Ordinary for that part of the world.

All of these are in New Zealand.
The galactic core over The Remarkables.

From a roadside pullout, up a very rutted truck path, to the top of a hill beside the lake, nestled out of the wind, between Queenstown and Glenorchy.

From near Napier.

From 2018 and earlier

Below are 2017 and older

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