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Here are each of the Image of the Month as selected on my other blog. You can click on the link in each title to see the runners up, or get more info about the selection.

March 2023
So many photos of Michelle to choose from!

A long exposure on a little lagoon just off the Bow River near Quarry Park.

January 2023
Lens flare is often a bad thing, but sometimes not.

All of which were IotM. Check out February, April, and November.

Linda needed a selfie for a presentation to her Master Gardener buddies, and instead we did a quick informal portrait session in fairly harsh morning light.

From a walk on what is normally a swamp, in sublime light.

October 2023
Not a surprise that all the finalists came from a trip to Jasper in October. This is a sunrise on Pyramid Mountain, without much editing needed.

Between a trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park and visiting family in Ontario, I'm overwhelmed with choice this month!

August 2023
A bit of a twist this time. Normally images are what I think of as the best of the month, based on a variety of criteria. This one, as an image, is nothing special. What it represents is very special to me. My first real  book I'm willing to show the public.

July 2023
There's a story that goes with this, which you can get to following the link in the July IoTM blog.

June 2023
A little waterfall on the way to Takakkaw Falls.

May 2023
Capturing a work in progress. I see this as a funky biological themed alien spaceship.

April 2023
Long exposure just upstream of Elbow Falls.

March 2023
Another long exposure photo, in Fish Creek.

Another long exposure tops the list, this is from China beach on Vancouver Island.

January 2023
An easy choice this time.

This was a huge struggle; I think the toughest yet. As a hint, check out September and December. 

Only a few photos, so it was an easy choice. 

Another quiet month. Scroll down to compare to September 2018, if you like.

October 2022
A quieter month for photography didn't give me a lot of choice, but there was something about how this dahlia turned out.

A beaver pond in Tombstone Territory park.

August 2022
The milky way from Great Sand Hills in Saskatchewan.

July 2022
The galactic core over Forget-Me-Not pond.

June 2022
Lots of wet flowers this time of year.

May 2022. 
The basic scene, but there is so much more I'd like to do with this.

April 2022
Michelle and film are a wonderful combination!

March 2022
A film photo shows up as image of the month for the first time, mainly because it made me think more about photography, photographs, and life in general.

I hadn't looked at January before thinking about February, so you get two frosty photos in a row.

January 2022

Hint, check out June, September, and November.

No runner ups this month. This image was a no brainer selection. Again.

No runner ups this month. This image was a no brainer selection.

October 2021
I think the wild creatures are deciding that if we are moving into their territory, they're going to start moving into ours. 

Taken during a Zeller tour, late for dinner in Clairsholm, but being unable to pass up on the light. This scene gave me a bit of the Yukon feels.

August 2021
This month there's a bit of a story about this particular image.

For the first time, a B&W image. The link in the date will take you to the blog with the story.

This was a really tough choice! For only the second time I included an honourable mention. 

For the subtly of the white textures and shades, and that bokeh.

A hit of colour from our garden that made my month.

A Calgary back alley of all places. No normally what you'd call photogenic, but the light, and the reflections in the ripples of ice totally change the scene.

From the Dry Island Buffalo Jump view point on a cold blustery day.

This intentional camera movement shot in South Glenmore Park came out exactly as I had hoped. The hardest part was waiting till there were no people in the shot.

This time all three of the finalists had been image of the month. Check out February, May, and December. 

The last photo of the month and year.

On one of the last days of the month I did a road trip and found this.

When I looked out the window I saw this image, and it took a bit of tweaking to get the camera to see it the way I did. The car going by was good luck.

An unconventional image that grew on me the more I looked at it.

I'd taken this shot, then played with settings to get the shot I was looking for. Only later I realized I'd done by accident something I've been trying to do, make the photo look a bit like a painting, but without being out of focus or running it through Photoshop.

July 2020
A macro shot of a bee hard a work, showing off it's six pack. Plus the flower detail

June 2020
One of the little waterfalls on the way to the main Ribbon Creek fall.

May 2020
A special photo of my friend Michelle for Melanoma Awareness month.

April 2020
This expresses what I'm missing most about the COVID closures, and yet the whole world is out there, yet we can't quite reach it.

March 2020
The galaxy over Invercargill, with a faint Aurora Australis for a bonus. I really should know better than to edit on a laptop and publish. This version has been cleaned up a bit.

February 2020
Linda so happy on vacation she's walking on a cloud.

January 2020
A placid reflection during an otherwise quiet month for personal photography.

2019 Image of the Year.
Only one of the images here made image of the month. For complicated reasons.

December 2019
The important mammals of the house, hard at it.

November 2019
From a walk in Fish Creek near bridge 2 after a snowfall.

October 2019
From a walk downtown with my buddy Sean.

September 2019
Engineer Creek in Yukon, along the Dempster Highway.

August 2019
A pretty dragonfly posing so nicely for me.

July 2019
Locomotive 2816, awaiting the next run.

June 2019
From Red Rock Coulee.

May 2019
I actually don't know what this looks like with my eyes, since the camera is resting on the garden bed, pointed almost straight up.

April 2019

March 2019
Seen along the drive from Napier to Lake Taupo. No runners up this month.

February 2019
Another view of the Milky Way from the Southern Hemisphere, over a hilltop north of Sherenden, pointed towards Napier. There's a lot more light than I thought there would be given the light pollution map.

January 2019
The milky way from the Southern Hemisphere, over Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables.

The 2018 Image of the Year
You can follow the link and read about the process and see the selection pool, the finalists, and the eventual winner. To cut to the chase, there is an honourable mention (for the first time) that is not shown below, but the three finalists are September, May, and January.

December 2018
A city skyline on a cold night, out with buddies. Look for the stars and two airplane trails, and all those reflections!

November 2018
An overall view of the new Central Library, during an early morning photo tour without any other patrons around.

October 2018
Beaver dam flats early one morning.

September 2018
Best water reflection to date!

August 2018
Big Hill Springs park.

July 2018
During a dawn photo ramble down towards Chain Lakes.

June 2018
One of several white peony shots making it tough to decide which was the one.

May 2018
This shot has zero editing in Lightroom or any other photo editing software. There were some musings if this is a good or bad thing on this blog post, even though I hadn't taken this photo yet.

April 2018
This was a bit of a disappointing month for photography. I was so sick of winter, and white. Not so much for me to choose from.

March 2018
If you scroll down and look at the November 2016 image, you'll note some common ground.

February 2018
Shot near the Sheep Creek. A pity there wasn't something down at the apex of the leading lines besides the mountains, but I wasn't about to trespass to put something there. My eyes could see some creamy colour in the clauses on the left, but the camera didn't really see it. The sky was really blue, and it's maybe a hair darker than it should be.

January 2018
A lonely tree in east Fish Creek.

The 2017 Image of the Year

You can see the photos and read about what went into the selection of image of the year by following the link. If you just want to cut to the chase, the second runner up is Mr Travis Bee from August, the first runner up is the white peony from July, and the winner turns out to be the kettle image from February, scroll down.

December 2017
Easy choice this month, mainly for lack of competition.

November 2017
Fish Creek Bridge 2.

October 2017
This was a tough choice. I liked all the images, but no one in particular stood out.

September 2017
One of the many Yukon landscapes I fell in love with. This is Tombstone Park, at a viewpoint looking west or so, just north of the interpretive centre.

August 2017
As soon as I saw this on my computer screen there was no doubt in my mind it would be image of the month. About 3x magnification, hand-held. This was a runner up for Image of the Year for 2017.

July 2017
When I saw the image on the camera, I was ho-hum, and kept taking more photos. Then I saw it on the computer and got excited. Some slight Lightroom tweaks and I was over the moon. This is a runner up for 2017 Image of the Year.

June 2017
Linda had retired a few days before this was taken, and I think it perfectly captures our mood for the day.

May 2017
This is a reminder to me you have to be on your toes. The sunset went from drab to fab to drab in moments. If I hadn't been there camera in hand I would have missed the shot.

April 2017
Curtis. Our vet describes him as "dashingly handsome", and he is extremely photogenic as well. There is something about the shadow here that takes it beyond being just a picture of a cat, and makes it a portrait.

March 2017
My first abstract, done in a series of other shots that really didn't do anything for me at all. Then I had the happy thought of pushing the colours and textures. The two runner up photos are also some of the best work I've done, with one print up on my wall, and I sold the other one.

February 2017
This shot started as a whim, wondering if the camera would capture the delicate blue flame curling around the kettle. It's probably the most interesting, and dare I say, reflective photograph, especially considering it was pre-coffee. I have a print of this. This is actually Image of the Year for 2017.

January 2017
Lower falls in Johnston Canyon, on a day trip with my buddy Sean.

December 2016
Out for a winter walk in Fish Creek, thinking about lines leading into the picture.

November 2016
This was the first of my photographs that I actually fell in love with. I've got a print of this up on my wall where anyone coming in the house will see it. I've sold a variant of the print, where that bright house reflection in the middle was replaced with some trees.

Please note, all the images on this page, and in the rest of my photo blog are copyright to Keith Cartmell. I'm happy to discuss selling you a print, but no other use whatsoever is permitted without advance written permission.

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