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The intent of this page is to share links to Google Photos folders that contain my photos taken during various races. These are lower resolution photos suitable for social media, but even so you probably want to make sure you're on wifi rather than a cellular connection. They have had minimal processing and probably won't print well. You may share these photos with your family and friends, provided they are not changed in any way. Some of the photos may be used by the race organizers in Facebook or Instagram posts. I retain all rights as the photographer.

If you see one you like, contact me at loungecatproductions@gmail.com. I will go back to the original photo and send you a higher resolution version for a modest fee to cover my time. These will be custom tweaked to get the best from the photo. To do this I need to know which photo(s) you want. Click on it, and look in the upper right corner for a little "i" with a circle around it. Click that and a panel will open on the right. About half way down you will see something like this.
I need the IMG number, in this case 9968. If you've decided you would like a photo from an older race, be sure to tell me the date.

Some race photo sites let you search by name or bib number, but I'm not about to create a race photo database. That's part of why I can keep the price down to $25 a photo.

Wild Rose Triathlon 20230813 
So much fun! There's 310 photos overall, so I divided the them into two groups, one is the actual race photos starting with the first few people emerging from the pool and ending with the last finisher photo. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the pool area. The second is all the extras that are not the actual race; this includes the amazing volunteers hard it at providing a great race experience, sponsors, posed photos, and candid photos. Next year is going to be bigger and better, and they've already booked me.
LINK for race photos
LINK for extras

Get Shit Done 20230430 LINK 357 photos. It gets bigger every year!


Wild Rose Triathlon 2022-08-14 LINK 505 photos of another successful event!

Getting Shit Done 20220501 LINK 573 photos! Richelle and Rose have returned with the next edition of this fun race. 

2021 After a missed season because of COVID, so many people are happy to be out racing again, and I'm happy to to be photographing them.

Bike Run Bike 20210815 LINK 288 photographs. Only 45 racers showed up, and almost as many volunteers, but everyone seemed to be having a good time.


Swim run Race 2019-08-23 LINK 340 photos.They all said it was a lot of fun, but harder than they expected. But fun. Great treats! Big shout out to Rose and Richelle and all the volunteers for a well run race. I don't know why the photos are not in the order taken. Sorry about that.

Wild Rose Triathlon 2019-06-23 LINK 655 photos. The rain didn't dampen the spirts of the participants or volunteers at the most fun triathlon in the city. Big shout out to Rose and Richelle and all the volunteers for a well run race. Jake has photos and video, but I don't know where they are.

Getting Shit Done 2019-05-04 LINK 696 photos. It was a cold blustery day out there, but 179 people showed up for the inaugural race, and they got their shit done! There are other photos taken by Jake, but I don't know where they are.



Wild Rose Triathlon  2018-06-24 LINK



Great Sweater Run 2017-11  Photo folder.

Wild Rose Triathlon 2017-06-25  
LINK to the best shots
LINK to all the shots

Chaparral Triathlon 2017-08 There are several links:
Kids of Steel.
Swim race
Part 1
Part 2

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