Technically the definition of macro is that the image on the camera sensor is the same size as the actual object, or bigger. So an ant that is 5 mm long is 5 mm or longer on the sensor itself. That could be almost any size on screen depending on cropping. Just as a side note, the sensor in my camera for the 2017 shots and the Queen is 22.2 mm x 14.8 mm. From then on it's a new camera, with a sensor 36 mm x 24 mm.

There's a fine line between really really close-up, and a macro image, and I don't intend to quibble about about it. Enjoy the shots. You'll probably want to take the time to embiggen them.

Another bee, not quite as good as Mr Travis Bee a little further down, but the best I did this year.

Metal can be difficult, but none the less there can be lots of detail. This is the queen's head on a Canadian quarter.

From here down is 2017

One of the blades on a utility knife.

Human hair from my buddy Julie.

A sunflower. I think those are beads of pollen.

Mr Travis Bee. On of my favourite photos, and a runner up for 2017 image of the year.

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  1. Congratulations on the new gallery. I am particularly impressed with the detail in the bee wings.
    Cheers, Sean


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