Monday, October 8, 2018

Photo Ramble 20180926 Fish Creek Bridge 4 and 5

Calgary normally has a lovely autumn, but not this year. We've had what seems like endless weeks of Vancouver weather. However, today (Sept 26) was a perfect day for being outside looking for photos. I started where the path begins near the elementary school, and walked down the gully to end up between bridges 4 and 5. I walked along, but not in the river, for a while, then took a different path back up the hill. This is what I saw along the way.

A flat rock had a bit of water in it for a reflection shot.

Excited to see the first bit of red.

I turned a corner and oh my!

Just a nice path wandering downhill through the trees.

Lots of orange, shimmering in the sun.

This is the first snake I've ever seen in Fish Creek. It was basking in the sun and I disturbed it.

This log looked sort of sinister in the light, something vaguely reptilian having breakfast came to mind.

I hung around waiting to see if the light would hit those orange leaves and really make them pop, but it didn't happen.

Bridge 5 from below.

Shimmering reflections just below bridge 4. This was image of the month for September.

I probably don't need to tell you this is bridge 4.

Back near bridge 5, hanging out on a rock, listening to the creek, enjoying the warmth of the sun. I saw only a couple other people. It was quiet and peaceful. I found some red and orange.

Up the gully for another look at bridge 5. I'm thinking about getting this one printed big. A runner up for September image of the month.

Taken as part of a planned panorama that didn't work out as the light changed. Look how much flatter the light is on the trees.

Last bit of red before heading home.

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