2020 was a great year for the garden. Given I'm typically shooting the same flowers from year to year it's hard to get completely new shots, but these are the best of the year. The tulips put on a real show. 

The white peony is a stunner al the time, but the ant makes the photograph.

Typically with flowers you want the colour, but this peony was even more striking in black and white.

This last one is actually a photograph, but I deliberately did it to look like a painting.

2019 continues my flower stalking. The first three are from our trip to New Zealand, the remainder are from our own garden

2018 has started with a blast; a baker's dozen have been published in this post. Mainly tulips, even though there are some lovely peony shots during this time. The criteria for that post was the colour and the light. Here's some shots that didn't make that post.

All the images below are 2017 or earlier.

This backlit white peony was runner up for image of 2017.

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