Chaparral tri 2017

Hello! You are in the right place to see the photos of your kid doing the Kids of Steel, or of you doing the swim race, or Sunday's triathlons. Read down to the links and click.

These photographs are not cropped, and have had only minimal processing by software doing an 'auto' function. They have been downsized to be suitable for viewing on social media and sharing with others, and have both a visible and an invisible watermark. You are free to download them for your personal use, provided they are unaltered in any way. They might not look good in print or if you try to blow them up to fill a modern computer screen.

If you like a photo, email me For $25 you will get a medium resolution photo typically cropped 8x10 to feature the person of interest. I will do a custom tweaking of the settings. These will look good on most computer screens, and can be printed out at home, or sent to a photo lab. The visible watermark will be removed, and you can use them for your personal use. That $25 will include a donation to the charity supported by Mulitsports Canada for this race.

If you really like a photo, my files can produce quite a large print (about a foot by 2 feet or so, with custom cropping to your desires) in superb quality. These would go to the photo printing service I use, and be done on art paper. These would be suitable for archival framing, and to be honest, the framing is where the cost is. You may choose to use a less expensive frame. This print itself is not expensive, in the $50 to $100 range depending on exact size and the paper chosen.

I will need to know which photo(s) you are interested in. There are several ways.
- If you describe the photo and include the bib number if it's visible we are good to go.
- You could email me the download from the Google Photos and say, "this one."
- The easiest way for me is to click on the little "i" button in the white dot in the upper right corner of the photo. Underneath the date you'll see something like this "20170812-IMG_5659.jpg" and that IMG_nnnn is really the number I need.

I strive to give my clients a photo they will be proud to hang on their wall for years to come.

Here's the links to the photo albums. The photos will include volunteers, sponsors, parents, and spectators, as well as the participants.

Kids of Steel. (661 photos, pour a beverage and scroll.)

Swim race. (253 photos.)

All three triathlon races, with before and after activities. (2107 photos.) Turns out Google only allows 2000 photos in an album, so I split it into two.

Part 1
Part 2

The finish line photos were done by Dawn Hopkins. You can see them here.


  1. Thanks Keith for taking the pictures - much apprciated - great job ! michael

  2. Thank you Keith for the great pictures :)


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