I was pleased and honoured to be asked to photograph the Wild Rose 2018 triathlon. It was another fantastic day of racing by women of all ages, all levels of triathlon experience, and all different levels of fitness. It's so inspiring to see them out getting it done, and so many awesome volunteers helping them. This is my favourite photo gig of the year.

These 1250 photos in the Google Photos folder have been edited for display on the the web, and the computer tweaked the exposure settings so they aren't quite as right as they'd be if I did it. You can download them and use them however you like. Mail them to your mom. Put them on Facebook or other social media. Send them to that special someone with the message "In your face, I did it!"

They won't print that well though. If you see a photo that you want a good copy of, email me keith@nucleus.com. For $25 (and half goes to Sheriff King Home) you'll get me personally tweaking the photo settings in a higher resolution copy, so it will look even better. I can make the file look really good for a computer display, which would print out ok on a home printer, or a high quality print worthy of being framed. I'll take off the watermarks, and crop it to best suit the photo, or however you want it.

I'll need to know the image number for anything you want. Click on the photo to open it, and look for the white dot with an 'i in the upper right corner of your browser. There will be a file number in there looking like this 20180624-IMG_nnnn.jpg. That nnnn between IMG and JPG is the number I'll need.

Lastly, the price of free. Some race sites offer bib number or name search, and a handier arrangement of thumbnails. This is free, so you get to scroll. You probably want to do this on a desktop or laptop, not your phone, and certainly over a wifi network not cell.

Here's the link to the Google Photos folder. Link.

Here's some of the ones I like, and there are others. Try It and MultiSport will get some as well.

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